Arborist Services

Ted Safford & Son is one of the most reliable and trusted arborists in the state of California and also being the number one choice by the people for the arborist consultation service. We are providing this service for a very long time, and it has been around 40 years. Our qualified arborist is offering a consultation service for both residential and commercial clients. Our team of specialists are well qualified and certified in this field, and they provide well assistance in finding the right diagnostic using all the latest technology and research for trees. Our experts will help to finds the tree problems associated with the following issues.

• Fungal issues
• Yellow leaves issues
• Bacterial issues
• Growth issues and many more

We will provide complete assessments of the problems related to your trees and will help you in solving them as well. We are committed to providing the best care to your trees in the lowest price as possible because its all about serving the nature and the customers like you who are putting the efforts of caring them as well. Our teams consist of expert arborist, planter, removers , pathologist , bio specialist and many more so that you don’t have to worry about other problems as well.

Our Expert Arboriculture Service

We are offering many types of arboriculture services in California some of them are as follows:

• Different type of soils test
• Complete & Deep Diagnosis of trees
• Lab Diagnostics of tree and shrubs
• Landscape Designing
• Urban & land survey for tree selection and plantation
• Fallen Risk Consultation
• Environment & Health Risk Assessment

Its our passion to provide best care to the trees and serve the nature but we also have equal importance for the customers as well so we have assembled best customer support specialist which will provide you the best customer service experience and will assist through the out the process so that all of your worries and concerns are address in full swing .

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