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Ted Safford & Son is providing tree selection and planting service for more than 40 years, and our range of experts services doesn’t limit to the caring of the trees but also we help in selecting and planting them as well. We believe it's our foremost duty to utilize the maximum benefits from the mother nature in term of planting the trees. Our expert team of an arborist will help you in planting the tree of your choice in whatever location you like home , farm or near offices. We will use all our expert's skills to assist in you in this matter including the selection to planting, making the process very easy for you.


Selecting a tree is one of the difficult decision for the owner to be made because it's like an investment which he has to make keeping in mind the landscape he wants. The right selection will eventually beneficial for both homeowner and environment


We are now offering complete planting service. Our expert's crew will assist you in planting the trees of your choice matching the current landscape, and they will also help in the consulting as well for the trees and plants.


Taking care of trees in terms of its health & protection then only one is to remember always “Ted Safford & Son” because you can't trust any claiming to be best in this job. We are there offering our service for 40 years, and we have the most qualified & trained arborist in our company who will take care of your trees more than anyone can do. Our team is completely professional and have years of experience in providing the best service to the customers without costing them much as they have anticipated from a professional company

Open 24 hrs. 7 days a week

No one thinks about the client like we do when it comes for the services and trust what we are saying because emergencies don’t have a defined schedule and when it comes especially tree emergency it’s a serious problem. Most of the companies usually follow strict business hour, but we follow wherever our customer needs us for any sort of tree emergency. We have trained our staff wisely to handle the crisis more efficiently without creating further mess in your daily routine. A tree is a big thing which needs professional help when they have fallen or crashed due to some natural disaster or by its base weakness due to poor care. For any kind of urgent services like that you can call us any time we are there for you every time. .

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Ted Safford & Son have completed hundreds of tree care project, and still the number is counting because of the trust customer have on us. Our company knows how to care for the trees inefficient way and how to comply with the local laws as well without causing any disturbance in the surrounding or making challenges for the natural echo system as well. Our consultation service will also help in great way because we will tell about the problems or the ones that might become and what sort of precaution you need to do from saving your self. We are there for you any time of the day or night our lines are open 24 hours a day for any kind of emergency service or consultation you required for the tree. You can reach us at 858- 272-1566, or you can email us at . Our customer service will be there to serve at the time when you need specialist the most and our team will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible.

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